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Through the arresting visual evidence of the Extreme Ice Survey, EIS Director James Balog unveils rapidly changing landscapes that only a handful of intrepid adventurers have ever seen in person. His presentations are colored by his experiences shooting for some of the world’s most recognized publications, as well as his personal work on pioneering wildlife and nature photography projects. The result is a gripping program that stimulates the artistic sensibilities, spurs the exploratory yearnings and touches our sense of humanity.

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What Others Are Saying….

James Balog residency at Dickinson College, September 2014

James Balog, Dickinson College, Sept. 2014   © Carl Sander Socolow/Dickinson College

“I’ve always found Jim to be an original and bold thinker and communicator. In his latest big project, he produced a multimedia lecture that, as I witnessed one afternoon, was so beautiful it brought some of his audience to tears.”
—John Rasmus, Editor in Chief, National Geographic Adventure

“Your provocative talk and stunningly gorgeous pictures were the toast of the California Academy of Sciences last night.”
—John Atwater, CEO, Prime Group

“James’ presentations were outstanding and he was an enjoyable guest. Tickets for his main lecture when fast and he filled the house despite stiff competition from the Iowa basketball team’s appearance in the NIT finals that same evening.” —University of Iowa

“Risking life and limb, this photographer and filmmaker, mountaineer, author and prophet has gone to the top of the world to show us overwhelming evidence of what we’re doing to the environment.” —Bill Moyers, Moyers & Co.

“A great and insightful talk!”
—Bruno Giussani, European Director of TED Conferences, TEDGLOBAL2009 

“James Balog is an adventurer with the great skill to make art from his exploits. To the mix, Jim adds being a terrific storyteller. It’s an excellent combination for a great lecture.”
—Ann Tucker, Curator of Photography, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

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