Human impact is changing the Earth’s climate rapidly. Nothing shows that climate change like ice and glaciers. Our fieldwork and global outreach programs require an annual budget of nearly $400,000.

Please partner with EIS at this momentuous time in history.
All donations are tax deductible.

With best regards and with much gratitude,

James Balog, Founder and Director, Extreme Ice Survey

Extreme Ice Survey is a program of Earth Vision Trust (EVT).

EVT Programs:  Combining the images captured by James Balog and his team with rock-solid scientific knowledge, Earth Vision Trust produces innovative and engaging visual evidence of humanity’s impact on our natural environment.

How your donation to Earth Vision Trust will be used:

  • Expeditions – New camera locations for the Extreme Ice Survey, Revisits and memory card retrieval of the worldwide time-lapse camera network, Future creative work of James Balog demonstrating the effects of climate change.
  • Education – Middle School Climate Education eBook, Science Videos
  • Outreach – Public Galleries and Installations Worldwide, Multimedia Shows and Lectures, Strategic Partnerships

To read about our work in 2013 view: 2013 At A Glance

Your donation will be considered unrestricted unless otherwise noted. For more information about specific programs or making a donation please contact Earth Vision Trust.

Please Note: Earth Vision Trust is awaiting final IRS approval of our 501c3 status. All donations are tax-deductible.